Vines is a puzzle game for the iPhone/iPod touch in the line of the classic "15" puzzle game. It is easy to learn, but increasing levels of difficulty provide a continual challenge.
The object of the game is to connect a flower to a flower pot before time runs out by sliding the vine tiles into place. Any path from a flower to a pot will win - the more tiles you use the higher your score! Increase your score by using higher numbered pots and flowers!


-Randomly generated progressively harder levels.
-Bonuses for using higher numbered pots and flowers.
-Many solutions to each level.
-Multiple difficulty settings (including a non-timed easy mode).
-Hidden bonuses (bonus score, extra time, etc.).
-Hidden traps (lose time, hide tiles, etc.)
-Multiple tile sliding (when every second counts!).

Available now in the App Store.

Screen Shots

Vines get longer with each level
Uncovering a bonus tile

Uncovering a poison tile!
The Time Warp steals or adds time!

Demo Video